Richard Beavers Gallery
Richard Beavers GalleryBrooklyn, NY
Socially conscious paintings & photography available for viewing & purchase, plus custom framing.
Address: 408 Marcus Garvey Blvd, Brooklyn, NY 11216
Phone: (347) 663-8195
The Preservery
The PreserveryDenver, CO
Hip warehouse/marketplace with a farm-inspired New American eatery & bar, plus live music at night.
Address: 3040 Blake St #101, Denver, CO 80205
Phone: (303) 298-6821

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Boris Bally
Boris’ work is a disciplined body of objects which vary from eccentric through formal to humorous; provoking thought and reflecting some of the distortions of our ordered world. His practice is a near transparent amalgam of the skills of an able industrial designer, a gifted craftsperson, a savvy business man, a discriminating sculptor, and a clever cultural critic. Bally is a working artist – someone who has integrated their studio practice, their means of monetary support, and his family into a seamless (sleepless?) lifestyle that is puncutated by the dissected remains of streetsigns. -Phil Renato
Thomas DETOUR Evans
My current art focus is all about connecting music and fine arts through traditional methods and technology. Accenting my focus, the sights, sounds, and issues surrounding urban culture shapes the way I approach the creation of concepts, use of tools, and overall execution of my work.

Much of my work consists of channeling concepts and issues about the urban arts culture through portraits of minority and urban subjects. The portraits tackle issues ranging from the serious, to the bastardization of a culture, to the light-hearted, to breakdancing. Some portraits open a window into the inner workings of a certain community, while other paintings simply try to enhance the audience’s experience.

The tools I use to develop my work are not limited to any one medium. My goal is to capture every sense of my audience, thus breaking down barriers and making it easier to be engulfed in the canvas. I see these senses as building block for bridges between the viewer and the messages I’m communicating. The more blocks I use, the better the viewer will receive the message.

Terrence Duncan
A visual artist from the mile high city of Denver, Colorado. His passion with photography originates with an early fascination with motion pictures. After film school he decided to study art history and photography, it was the quickest way to get a camera in his hands. He now works primarily within the digital format yet he will never forget his first love of spending long hours in the darkroom with reels of film and stacks of paper. Terrence is always thinking, shaping and finding new ways to harness light.